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Dominant and Submissive

Dominate or submit, that is the question. Although there are some who alternate between wanting to be the dominant or the submissive, on the whole people tend to have one overriding characteristic in this department. What is Subdom dating? It is a consensual relationship where one party dominates and the other submits. There are different degrees of this setup and some people just exercise this as a fantasy in the bedroom while other couples maintain this dynamic in all aspects of their life, with one being the master or mistress, and the other being the sub. The flow of power in a relationship is hugely exciting for both partners and can vary from teasing to full blown bdsm. We've heard of subs not being able to change the channel on the TV without permission (really hinges on what the dom insists on watching!). Whereas many conventional relationships grow stale over time, sub dom dating adds that extra spice where even a mundane interaction is tinged with an edge of submission.

Femdom Dating Sites

Popular culture has run wild with the idea of female domination in recent decades. Perhaps it's because women were held back for so many decades or perhaps many men just love the feeling of being told what to do. Femdom involves a dominatrix or mistress who dominates a sub male consensually. The ground rules need to be established in advance and use of 'safe words' is prudent to make sure that any role playing stays fun and safe.

BDSM Dating

BDSM personals are the best way to meet someone like minded. Traditional dating sites and apps are not ideal for this kind of fetish as not everyone is in to this. Fetish and kinky dating sites on the other hand guarantee that the pool of people are in to the same kind of things. The really important thing when setting up your profile is to make clear what you are looking for and what you are not willing to do. There is a huge range of kink and fetishes that people can explore, but that means you should make very clear when searching for a partner what you are looking for. If you like foot fetish dating, that may be very different to someone who likes bondage. Have this discussion up front to make sure you're on the same page when it comes to meeting. Safety is more important than shyness or not wanting to cause offense.